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Bagt Le Rustique Camembert med bacon og løg

Baked Le Rustique Camembert with bacon and onions

Le Rustique Camembert with onions and bacon lardons is a real delicacy, nothing better to get through a cold winter night! Accompany your meal with a mixed salad.

4 people
Preparation time: 
10 min
Cooking time: 
20-25 min
Recipe difficulty: 
Shopping list: 
Tablespoon of olive oil
Onion, minced
Smoked bacon lardons/cubes
Le Rustique Camembert 250g
Salt & pepper
Add to basket
Preheat the oven at 180°C
Remove all packaging from the Le Rustique Camembert and put the cheese in an oven proof dish. Remove the top of the rind by cutting a circle around the edge at the top of the Camembert and peeling it off carefully.
Gently fry the onion and bacon lardons in oil until golden brown then pour in the middle of the Camembert and season with salt & pepper. Put the top rind back on.
Let it cook for 20-25 minutes until the Camembert has melted completely.
Enjoy it the traditional way: scoop the melting Camembert with pieces of bread.
TIP: For best results, ensure Le Rustique Camembert is mature before baking (20 days or less before use by date).