Our history

Le Rustique, almost 50 years of know-how!

The story began in 1975, driven by the passion of one man, Jean Verrier. That was the year he developed the recipe that would see Le Rustique go way beyond the borders of Normandy: Camembert Le Rustique. As the years go by, our cheese-makers still have the same desire to create cheeses with a unique and inimitable flavour. Read about the simple and authentic history of Le Rustique.

jean verrier le rustique

1. Jean Verrier, a passion for cheese-making

A man with a passion for cheese and the authentic, Jean began working for the dairy in his home village of Condé-sur-Sarthe, located among the green Normandy meadows, the birthplace of Camembert.

2. Camembert, where the Le Rustique legend begins

A few years later, Jean Verrier perfected the recipe that would take his fame beyond the Normandy borders after 1975: Le Rustique Camembert. Other cheeses would follow, all bearing the same passion and expertise for making cheese.

le rustique
camembert le rustique

3. Le Rustique, simple, with an authentic flavour

Over the years, Le Rustique became a fixture in French households. They can spot their favourite cheese in an instant, thanks to the wooden box with its heat-branded design and red and white Gingham cloth! It is said that a merchant with an excess stock of red and white Gingham cloth suggested to Jean Verrier that he could use them to present his famous Camembert, in a simple, authentic style.

4. Almost 50 years of shared love

Jean Verrier’s cheese-making expertise has spanned the decades, with a range of products, not only in France, but also further afield.
With its sublimely rich, creamy texture, Le Rustique embodies 40 years of the love of Camembert.

camembert le rustique