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Normandy is famous for its apples, as well as for the cider it produces from them. Cider is a real tradition in Normandy, often accompanying main dishes and desserts. Cider lovers should know that when you visit Normandy, there is a cider-circuit, a 40km tour around at the heart of the Pays d'Auge. Normandy liqueurs are also well-known in France and throughout the world. These include Bénédictine and the famous, sweeter and fruity Calvados. Liqueurs to go with you Le Rustique cheese at the end of a meal. Normandy wine has gradually disappeared; today just one working vineyard remains. In 1995, a wine-maker restarted production, producing a wine called "Les Arpents du Soleil", which has won 11 awards from the Hachette wine guide and three bronze medals in the International Wine Challenge.

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