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Which wine to serve with Le Rustique Camembert?

Custom says that you should drink red wine with cheese. Now, although this is true for some cheeses, for others this interaction can in fact be to the detriment of both the wine and the cheese in that one overlays the other. If there is a wine that refines Le Rustique Camembert, it is most certainly Riesling, a relatively clear and fruity white wine. Neither sweet nor dry, it underlines the character of Le Rustique Camembert without trumping it and at the same time unfolds the aromas of the ripening cheese rind. For the best tasting, remove your Le Rustique Camembert from the fridge at least one hour prior to eating to ensure that it is at room temperature. The wine is best served in large glasses so to ensure optimum contact between the wine and the air. Not only will this stimulate your sense of taste, it will also invigorate your sense of smell, which plays a vital role in a successful tasting!