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7 March 2016


More than anything, Le Rustique relies on dairy producers with a love for their profession; the pace of life set by the daily milking of their herd and working on the farm. Producers with a passion, living close to Pacé in Normandy, where Le Rustique camembert is made. 
These family-size farms keep between 50 and 70 dairy cows, with a trusting relationship between man and beast. The cows are milked with care and their feed is carefully monitored.
The result of this cherished life - Le Rustique camembert - is made exclusively in Normandy with high quality milk collected from the area surrounding the dairy. It has a distinctive melt-in-the-mouth texture and an intense taste, rich in flavours.
To the delight of lovers of authentic cheeses, the Le Rustique range has continued to grow since 1975. Le Rustique, in addition to its famous camembert, now offers new products, such as the pointe de brie de caractère and camembert portions.