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21 November 2016


Normandy, the home of some of the finest French cuisine, is best known for its Camembert. And because that matters, Le Rustique Camembert comes exclusively from Normandy.

Famous for Mont St Michel, lush green fields and leafy apple orchards, Normandy is also France's second most important dairy region and its biggest producer of cheeses made from cows' milk.

An extraordinarily mild Atlantic climate, regular and abundant rainfall and rich Normandy grass: this, added to the good care of our cows, is the recipe for our high-quality, creamy, protein-rich milk.

Crafted by the expertise of our master cheesemakers, these qualities are an essential part of the unique and distinctive flavour of Le Rustique Camembert.

The milk we use to make Le Rustique Camembert is collected only from farms in Normandy.

The farmers nearest our production sites in Pacé and Ducey supply us with milk every day to preserve its freshness and organoleptic qualities.

Did you know?

It takes 2 liters of milk to make one Le Rustique Camembert!