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How to cut Le Rustique Camembert and Brie cheese

How to cut Le Rustique Camembert and Brie cheese?

It is essential to remember to make sure that the rind and the cheese paste are evenly distributed as the taste is more pronounced near the rind while the heart is creamier.

Small and medium-sized flat round cheese such as Le Rustique Camembert can simply be cut in to slices like a cake, in equal parts from the centre to the edge. Another less traditional way to cut your Camembert is to slice it across its length so that it can be spread perfectly over your slices of bread.

Large round cheese, such as Le Rustique Brie, whether whole or in portions (tip of the cheese), must first be cut into long equal slices from the centre to the edge, then these slices can be halved.
For the tip of Brie, like Le Bon Brie Le Rustique 200g, it is possible to cut a few portions across the width of the cheese before cutting long portions to the rind.

If you serve your cheeses on a cheese platter, don't forget to offer several knives so the flavours aren’t mixed!